About us


Starting in 2004, Igo Export began as one college student’s idea to ease the process of importing raw materials and finished products to the United States for its global client base and to provide services to domestic companies who wish to export their products abroad.  After years of strong growth and positive performance for its clients, Igo Export comes equipped with the tools to research target markets, handle clearing customs and make your business effective in a truly global sense.  Headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, Igo Export is strongly positioned near key ports and major freight corridors in the North Eastern United States; most importantly, Igo Export is within reach of some of the largest markets for imported products in America, containing millions of consumers and thousands of companies looking to sell their products to growing markets overseas.  Making Igo Export your single solution for importing raw materials and finished products into the United States or tapping the strong potential of markets abroad is a smart move, work with us and grow

Why IgoExport

Our job is to make import and export more effective, efficient and affordable for you. We are passionate about growing small businesses trying to import/export products worldwide. For many companies, the idea of venturing into a world market can be frightening. Where do I start, and who do I talk to? Some businesses are already selling in foreign markets but may be missing emerging opportunities for growth. This is where we can help you.

The fact is that 96% of the world’s consumers live outside the United States. That means your company may have significant untapped sales potentials in the international market if you know how to export successfully.