Igoexport, LLC. Provides information about worldwide B2B and Import Export opportunities. It is intended for both companies and individuals wishing to start exporting or expand into new foreign markets as well as importers who are interested in acquiring products and services from other countries.

Import Export _ CHANGE TO _One on One Counseling

The professional trade specialists at the igoexport provide a wealth of knowledge and resources to save you time and money. One-on-one counseling allows us to tailor our services to your level of exporting experience, needs and goals. Let one or more members of our team assist you personally with your specific challenges. A well thought out international business plan is critical to a sound foreign marketing strategy. We can help you develop or enhance a plan that provides your company with goals and objectives, a strategic market penetration strategy, the basic tools to approach export opportunities and, most importantly, a market focus.

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Products and services

At Igoexport we are all about helping our clients to reach their goals internationally and nationally.  Our products and services are so diverse. In another word, we talk about all kind of products and services from hard products to soft products. We are here to serve you, so let’s grow together.

Marketing Supports

One of Igoexport focus is supporting clients’ nationally and internationally marketing activities. Igoexport channel marketing services and programs help clients partner with retailers and dealers to ensure effective, consistent, brand enhancing advertising and promotional programs. WE ARE ALL ABOUT SOLUTIONS!!