Igo Export, LLC assists small and mid-sized companies that are thinking about global market.  Igo Export, LLC mission is to help companies expand its sales and operations pipeline worldwide. This mission is achieved by helping companies step by step from allowing them to meet the right people with the right message to closing deals.

The global market offers tremendous opportunities for your business. Whether you are buying or selling your products from/to suppliers worldwide or shipping your own goods abroad, Igo Export, LLC understands that business can be a competitive advantage.

Our Services:

Seller opportunities: There are great advantages for business to go global. Here are some of advantages a company should consider:

  • Increase Sales and profits
  • Enhance your domestic competitiveness
  • Gain your global market share
  • Reduce dependence on existing markets
  • Exploit international trade technology
  • Extend sales potential of existing products
  • Potential for expansion of your business
  • Maintain cost competitiveness in your domestic market

Buyer opportunities: A company does not have to be the size of multinational giants to facilitate and benefit from globalization of markets. Smaller and mid-sized businesses have the opportunities to tap into buying products worldwide at the lower rates.

A person in a candy store does not look at a Swiss Chocolate and U.S chocolate and say “I wonder which nation has the comparative advantage in chocolate productions?” The buyer relies on price, after allowing for quality differences. Igo Export, LLC will help you find the best quality products available out there with reasonable prices. We will make sure that you are connected to the right place with the right people. Here are steps we will use to help you capitalize with your buying experience:

  • We will research the best country in which to buy your product
  • We will find trusted suppliers for you: we will use our references, network and communicate with them as needed.
  • We will help with agreement on payment. Don’t pay in full until product is delivered
  • We will help you anticipate the growth of your business as needed. We will work with the suppliers to make sure that they can produce enough products over time to keep your business growing and make sure that your unique designs are not shares with other businesses
  • We will help find with the shipping so that your products arrive safe and sound.

Worldwide shipping: Igo Export, LLC offers shipping services around the world. We ship small (gifts, computers, personal items, etc) and big (cars, trucks, tractors, etc) items. Using our fast service for shipping your products will increase your business productivity. If you are an individual, your packages will get to the destination safe and sounds.

Igo Export, LLC does it all for you.  We will research the market for you, find and hire dealers, distributors and or representatives. If you need marketing, we can help with advertisement, marketing and promotion.


Shipping your product overseas requires attention to detail. There are licensing and documentation issues involved. IgoExport, LLC houses more in depth information crucial to understanding and complying with the requirements for exporting your products and services worldwide. Documents are on hand and our export specialists are available to provide you with individualized assistance. Please contact us with questions or to arrange a counseling session.


IgoExport, LLC offers international and domestic sales representation with a sales force that knows the business inside and out. We understand the business process from cradle to grave. We also know how to develop and capitalize on productive strategic partnerships. Everything we do is focused on getting the right product to the right people. Whether you are looking for a single, hot product or a comprehensive business program involving everything from market research to sales representation, IgoExport, LLC has the experience, passion and focus to make it happen.